Floodplain & Watershed Map
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Welcome to the City of Edmond Floodplain & Watershed Map application. The City of Edmond makes every effort to produce and publish the most accurate information possible. The data contained herein is derived from both internal and external sources and while we are constantly updating our database and services, we cannot guarantee 100 percent accuracy and disclaim any responsibility for the accuracy of this data.
Floodplain & Watershed Map
Floodplain & Watershed Map
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This widget allows for entering in the map scale (in feet) and then zoom to the scale on the map. The map units are the number of feet per inch. Example: 1 inch = 100 feet (1:1200 map scale).
Choose the print template below from the list of choices. When the show map appears, click on the link to open the map as a .pdf.
Tap on the map to receive a popup of floodplain information.
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